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For the 'terrible crime' of constructing a machine-gun and writing my book 'Expedient Homemade Firearms — The 9mm Machine Gun' i was sentenced to four years imprisonment — plus one year for possession of six cartridges! Although the judge said he accepted there was no criminal intent in my constructing the weapon, he would make an example of me as a warning to others.

In prison my original low security classification was upgraded two levels (to high security) in the space of a few weeks, and throughout my incarceration I was vilified by the authorities, who of course, "new better" than professionally qualified people. They regarded me as a potential psychopath because of my refusal to toe the line and agree with the official views on gun ownership.

Read on to see what was written about a man whom three psychiatrists viewed as "normal"...


"A panel of the parole board considered your application (for parole) on 24th. March 2000 and found you not suitable for early release on licence. The panel gave the following reasons. Mr.Luty was convicted of the manufacture of a firearm and possession of ammunition (6 rounds!)………. there is little evidence to indicate that Mr.Luty has fully addressed the causes and consequences of the offences(1) and although he states he accepts responsibility, still describes the crimes as "an innocent project". Mr.Luty continues to maintain very strong views about UK gun laws to which he is opposed. Report writers identify considerable apprehension over his lack of insight and concern over the wider implications of his offences and his continuing views over gun ownership and use (2)

Given the gravity of the offences and the importance of the outstanding areas of concern, the panel consider the risk of re-offending too high for parole to be granted.

1. Gun control!

2. The citizen is no longer entitled to a point of view if it goes against majority opinion.


"The prisoner was convicted in Leeds Crown Court on 24th.April 1998 of the manufacture of a prohibited weapon……………he was sentenced to a total of four years imprisonment. Mr.Luty admitted a long term interest in guns and gun making (3) ...At the time of interview he expressed strong views about the stringent gun laws in this country and on issues related to the individual and the state. To an extent he appears to have embraced the views promulgated by much of the "Right to keep and bear arms" lobby in the United States. I understand police seized a number of publications making reference to these views ....Whilst there is no evidence to suggest Mr.Luty has established any contact with militia or other extreme groups in the United States , his apparent sympathy for their views is of ongoing concern (4) ...............of special concern , I understand Mr.Luty's brother attempted to send him an article from the internet by an organization called "Jews for the preservation of firearms ownership" (JPFO) (5). This appears to be yet another "Right to keep and bear arms" group. Since his imprisonment, Mr.Luty's mother has died and I understand his father remains chronically ill............The prisoner's attitude to the role of the state and the possession and use of firearms gives rise to serious concern. This ,taken together with...the anti-authority stance exhibited during this sentence, adds to the concern that he could represent a very great danger to members of the public in future. The fact that his mother has died since imprisonment and that he appears to have developed an embittered view of his treatment in prison may reinforce his anti-social and anti- authority attitudes, making the likelihood of grave crimes being committed in the future even more likely. (6)

In all the circumstances, in my opinion, the presumption must be that he is potentially dangerous and the case must be managed accordingly. The prisoner has not shown any progress in understanding the concerns highlighted in his case and, if anything, appears even more intransigent in his views than before conviction. Therefore, in my view, he is not a suitable candidate for early release on parole. His future supervision on licence will have to be undertaken with a view to managing risk to the public as an overriding priority.

F.W. Probation Officer West Yorkshire Probation Service.

It appears I'm a nut! By the way, I didn't get parole!

3. It is looked upon as an offence to have an interest in firearms.

4. Is the right to keep and bear arms an "extreme view"?

5. Log on to

6. How many more warnings do gun owners need about the mentality of the anti-gun lobby? A perfect example of an "expert" covering his back.


"The nature of your book and the views expressed in it are precisely what makes you a risk to the public. They (the views) lie at the core of why you were sent to prison in the first place. Those views are still firmly held and they make you a danger to the public."



I have known Mr.Luty since his arrival in this prison, I have spoken to him on several occasions about his offence and his personal problems, in particular the death of his mother and the illness of his father...However, my main concern is to bring to the parole board's attention Mr.Luty's ongoing bereavement problems. Eight months after his imprisonment his mother died. Although aware that she had been ill his mother's death came as a great shock. He was very close to his mother and was extremely upset by her death. His sense of loss and grief was such that he could not bring himself to attend the funeral. He admits that he has been unable to grieve properly...whilst in prison. As with so many men in the prison culture he cannot let go of his emotions and has bottled them up. His sadness cannot be released. The problem has been compounded by the serious illness of his father, who almost died in the summer of 1999. His father continues to be seriously ill and he is frightened that he will lose his father also whilst in prison. Both these events have put great strain on Mr.Luty during his sentence.

Despite these pressures he has conducted himself with dignity during his sentence and has been a model prisoner. He has complied with every demand made of him and has behaved impeccably. Whilst a naturally quiet person he gets on well with staff with whom he has contact. Mr. Luty is an articulate and intelligent man...his offences have been of an 'indirect nature', i.e. they have not involved other people nor have they been used in criminal activities. I support Mr.Luty's parole application on the following grounds;

1/ He has never shown himself to be a threat to the public.

2/ He has been a well behaved inmate and has complied with all that has been asked of him whilst in prison.

P.M., Prison Chaplain

It is a worrying fact of modern life that those who find themselves in prison and are known to hold an "unhealthy" interest in firearms are subjected to "Psychiatric assessment".

THE PRISON PSYCHIATRIST No.1 (following a long interview).
"I could find no evidence of delusions, hallucinations. There was no thought disorder and his mood was normal. His memory was good and he was of at least average intelligence, possibly of good intelligence.............In my opinion he does not suffer from any form of mental disorder (nice to know!) ...His mood was appropriate and he certainly could not be described as cold. I concluded there were no grounds for suggesting psychiatric intervention in this case" (phew!)

Dr.T.K., Consultant Forensic Psychiatrist.

THE PRISON PSYCHIATRIST No. 2 (following a very long interview).

"The purpose of this report is to advise on Mr.Luty's mental state and to clarify the issue as to whether he suffers from a mental disorder or not (Didn't they believe no.1?)

Mr.Luty denied any symptoms of depression. I found no evidence at all of mental Illness. (Hurray!)
It was clear from conversation that he has strong views on a variety of matters. He presents as a clean living individual with high morals......He spoke about the injustices of recent gun laws......He believes people should be allowed to possess firearms.......OPINION:- I found no evidence of mental illness. Although Mr.Luty has strong views on a number of matters these alone do not constitute a personality disorder. (7) Mr.Luty does not suffer from a personality disorder and therefore I have no medical recommendations to make."

Dr.J.I. MRC-Psych., Consultant Forensic Psychiatrist.

7. The anti-gun lobby, prison and probation service would have us believe otherwise!

THE PRISON PSYCHIATRIST N0.3 (following a very, very long interview).

"In my opinion Mr.Luty is not suffering from a mental disorder requiring specialist treatment. (Surely they will believe no.3?) My enquiry into this case has revealed the motive behind the offence. I have not come across any evidence to indicate that Mr.Luty is a dangerous person as he is at present"

Dr.M.S.A.,MBBS,FRC.Psych., Senior lecturer in psychiatry.

So entrenched is the mindset of the prison/probation services, and many other government bodies, that anyone who enters the prison system and dares to challenge this mindset can suffer the most appalling persecution. I have had first hand experience. So entrenched is the view that the gun owner is a potential mass murderer or homicidal maniac that he will suffer the indignities of intrusive psychiatric questioning in the expectation that he will "test positive"; i.e. he will be another "gun nut" caught in time. In any other field, psychiatric "assessment" will only be offered or prescribed if a mental illness is observed or demonstrated to be present. However, when we are talking about an individual with an interest in firearms , a psychiatric "assessment" is prescribed in the expectation, and in some quarter, hope, of it being required.

This ludicrous situation has occurred as a direct result of the media, in whose newspapers and on whose screens the gun owner has been relegated to the level of an almost sub-human species. The probation service, whose role at one time was the welfare of an inmate and his family, will now write the most vindictive and biased reports to prevent an early release, irrespective of any humanitarian urgency which may exist, and which for almost any other offence would almost guarantee early release on parole licence. Where the prison service is involved in the assessment of an individual convicted of a non-violent offence, as in my own case, they will indulge in a game of prevarication and manipulation of the truth. The situation is totally unacceptable.

It is the fundamental right of any individual to be treated in a fair and non-prejudicial manner and the right of any minority living in what we are told is a civilised society not to suffer intolerance at the hands of a "might is right" majority view.

The intolerance shown to me and my minority today, may well be shown to you and your minority tomorrow. Let my experiences be a warning. It is time to wake up.

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