BSP in Action
Only through mass non-compliance with all gun and knife
laws will we ever overthrow Britains anti-gun fascist gun laws.
"Vengeance will be mine, one bullet at a time"

Union Jack

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Mr. Churchill's favorite gun

Family and Friends

Edward W. Luty
Edward W. Luty (1930 - 2005) A clever and brave man.
Murdered by the Medical Profession.

Elsie Luty
Elsie Luty (1931 - 1998) One of life's angels.
Murdered by the State.

Philip Luty and friends
Philip (machine gun) Luty. . . . and a few friends.

The Old Gun Works
'The Old Gun Works'

Can I put my paw down now?
Can I put my paw down now?

An apple a day keeps the vet away.
An apple a day keeps the vet away.

Giv'z a kiss!
Giv'z a kiss!

learn to leave the mice alone
"And you'll stay in there until you learn to leave the mice alone"

Time for a nap.
Time for a nap.
Gyp Luty (1988 - 2005)